Obitus, 2013


16 August – 23 August 2013

Work in progress exhibition based on the artist’s residency at Speedy Grandma Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

‘During his residency, the artist has travelled to his Thai mother’s abandoned house in Nakhon Nayok to conduct research towards a body of work continuing an exploration into his Thai-Australian heritage.

‘Obitus’, the working title for this project, comes from a Latin term referring to death in the natural order of things, caused by the inevitable passing of time.  Initially compelled to record and interpret ghost stories from relatives and family friends in and around Nakhon Nayok for this project, this body of work in progress has shifted focus onto broader themes of homecoming, memory, loss and nostalgia to lend agency to this investigation.

This body of work aims to incorporate an element of kitsch visual language (consistent with previous shrine-based works the artist has done) to photographic research and found objects relevant to the site of this abandoned home.’





Above: Installation views of residency outcomes at Speedy Grandma for the exhibition Obitus.

Above: Short draft edit of video footage shot during the residency at Speedy Grandma.

Above: Draft edit of a video exhibited initially as part of the exhibition Obitus. Current video lacks proper fades and transitions as well as subtitles.